Why do I Yoga? – Practice Benefits & Pathways

By 16 agosto, 2017Yoga
Crédit Cyril Le Gazoui for Yoga Paris Project

Body Mind and Spirit go together, “the holy trinity”. Here a few points on physiological benefits of Yoga and my experience on “where it can take you”.

You might tell, “Yoga is not for me”  or “I’m not flexible enough”. Perfect. You are where you are and more than welcome to experience the holistic benefits of Yoga and related practices. It is not about the posture you reach, it is all about the feeling you get, when the practice takes you to undiscovered spaces of your body-mind-spirit, to improve all in once and progressively your living condition. There are as many styles of yoga as branches and teachers, there is no doubt one fits your moment. Embrace the experience, give it a try.

▲▲▲   The body is the vehicle of our soul and where resides our spirit. Cultivate the temple is an invitation to remain healthy and bright. Concretely speaking, practicing yoga asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) has direct benefits on your body: it strengthens it (activation vs contraction) and makes it more flexible (bamboo resilience attitude), releasing the tensions (into extension) and gives you vitality and energy.
Like any virtues circle, the more you give it, the best you feel it and the more it gives you back. When the body is worked out, internal organs are massaged and the focus of your practice distract your mind of its anxieties, resulting in a improvement of the immunological system. In a state of happiness, the hormones secreted fight easier any illness.

If you wanna bring it to an objective of almost every women, it makes you loose weight, not only directly by the amount of calories burnt during the exercise, but continuing the image of a virtuous circle, it encourages you to take care of yourself further. Feeling fulfilled is a premise to the willing of healthy meals. Yoga brings you to develop the best of your constitution and connects you to your real needs, avoiding little by little compulsory behaviour towards the food.
Yoga is also about observation of your being and by understanding the pulsatory mechanisms generated within the body, you are able to understand your reactions, a first step being acknowledging them. There you can initiate the work towards acceptance instead of struggle and finally coping with your inner rhythm. Basically, with a regular practice, you optimise the functions of your body, more alert and attentive to your well being.

▲▲▲   Engaging with your body is usually a more concrete target to begin with in order to get to the mind. The spirit follows.
Cultivate your being by proposing yourself rituals. Any practice, as they all target at the end the re-connection to the essence. Practices are diluted in the thousands, but the real fragrance is one and is connected to this higher thing beyond all, or anything else you wanna consider divine and holly.
Paying attention to details and keeping a clear mind on the big picture. Developing this aptitude of distancing from the feelings: they are just a projection of your true self. From local to global, from the moment to eternity, from inside out, from out back in, contradictions and extremities aim at taking you closer to the right amount, the Balance.

A wide angle out of the beaten tracks and boundaries keeps your mind genuine. Do anything you like, but do it… Cultivate an optimal state of curiosity in order to get motivate by your learning process. Again, the hormones of happiness prevail for your physical condition, and your psychological equilibrium, vice versa.
Through yoga you learn a lot on the mental, by observing what is happening inside. Then serenity can prevail and you get able to handle any situation, because you know how to breath. Release, surrender and let go. In a pro-active way of course, the idea beyond not being to annihilate your entrepreneurship and considering everything as a hazardous fruit of destiny.- more of a subtle balance between projections, dreams, visualisations and grounding: presence, action.

▲▲▲   A new experience is always a new sensation to be integrated to your range of perception. You judge only after trying, take conclusions once completed, you go for it or you leave it, make your path clean and firm. Take the time of the experimentation, there is nothing like getting quicker than the time itself. Every process requires its time line, to vibrate with the frequency of life.
Grounding in presence in the present is the only real experience of the moment, is the unique and only one which exists at this precise instant, become present always more often, not from an analytical observation, but just doing it fully-“with all your soul”.
This has a drastic effect on reaching other levels of consciousness, a way of gaining inner peace.

We constantly get disconnected by all ongoing distraction, but those obstacles are nothing if the light is activate within, and meditation keeps the flame alive. Many spiritual practices are the development of intuition in a structure, a pathway to connect with the elements, the surrounding and all above. There is a state when what you do is easy, smooth and effortless, because you experience lies in connivences with the occurrences, going with the flow, with the rest, in synchronicity with the Universe.


Tribute to Yoga in all its forms I experienced, in all the Teachers I met and in all the meaning it has in my Life.

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