SQUEEZING – a Revolutionary Technique of Massage

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Squeezing is a revolutionary technique of massage to release the body, cultivate kindness and arise happiness.


  • Squeezing is a simple and accessible technique.
    EVERYONE- Everyone is able to give/ receive it.
    EVERYWHERE- It can be done everywhere and mostly in a standing posture.
    ANYTIME- It can take any length of time.
    EVERY MOOD- You can activate the system or calm it down.
  • The world needs a gentle touch.
    Everyone has the power to develop their aptitude to give their best (touch) and intuition.
    Everyone can cope with a genuine intention, renewing the sens of touch in modern society.
    Everyone needs to receive attention from their peer.
  • Both giving and receiving optimise vital energy.
    We are social beings in need of connection, recognition and affection.
    We have many ways of developing interpersonal skills, squeezing is one of them.
    Doing a good action secrets endorphins that embody happiness.

Every cell of our bodies has its own system of Happiness and of Existence. A touch activates our senses and the overall sensation/perception gives a release to the mind, getting within the layers of the body, from the epidermis to the bones, creating an overall better place within to shine out.


Born in the modern society of over stimulation, SQUEEZING technique is a return to the essence of presence. Through the breathing and the warm of two hands, it is an act of extensive heart, salutary for both the giver and the receiver.
When I asked someone to squeeze me, I could feel their insecurities on how the touch can be intrepratated, maladresses in the position, the degree of pressure and the way to handle an act of healing.

Developped with a bunch of passionated people to share the virtues of humanities, the stories of squeezing have made incredible experiences in the most unsuspected places. You can do it anywhere!

Completed with professional osteopaths, masseurs and movement renewed investigators, the squeezing is today an accessible tool to implement in any context: professional environment, in well being sector, with friends and any progressive frame aiming at self improvement.

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