Teaching/ Services

At the confluence of Yoga, acroyoga, thai-massage and contact improv dance, my interests led me to work on the qualities of the body. I invite you for an exploration of the sensation, to connect with a genuine Heart and a clear mind. With creative sequences, I aim at raising body consciousness and optimise energetic channels. Let’s develop our intuition, finding subtle and efficient ways to tune with ourselves and the world.

Yoga is an introspective journey where we emphasise breathing, alignment, flow motion and core power, to improve overall well being. Basic postures and creative flows combined together target an intense nonetheless respectful practice, stimulating ourself to renew our reality. In quest of momentum, we can cultivate body-mind-spirit strength & flexibility, as well as balance. I especially like inversions and core power, along with practice of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket or Synergy Yoga.

Acroyoga blends the powerful practices of Yoga, Acrobatics & Thai Massage to invigorate the body, through partner and counterweight exercises, challenging our understanding of balance in a supportive spirit. Expect to connect with your inner child, enjoying new sensations and your true potential, cultivating joy, love and kindness.

Thai Massage & Fly Thai originally from India, this ancient healing touch procures an immediate release and feeling of lightness, thanks to acupressures on the muscles, joints manipulation and energetic lines unlock. Each session is a unique flow of passive moves, guided by the receiver’s needs, sometimes upside down, in flying therapeutics. Trust, rhythm, listening, intuition, release and surrender are some of the qualities worked out in the physical and energetic body.

Contact Improv Dance is a free form movement, a connection to the essence and a way of self-expression. It is a dialogue that begins inside and can be followed with the interaction in between two bodies. It invites to listening, observation, patience and the unknown to lead the way, with subtle touch, shared weight, great sensitivity,  a way to let go tensions and build on trust on various layers.

Somatic Explorations or how to dive from a random gesture to perceive the sensation and relate it to a cognitive understanding of the movement. Because the body speaks the language of the soul, let’s create a bridge between feelings, observation, attitudes and our space, to break the patterns and focus on meaningful action and contemplation.

Performance Playing a character from another dimension, improvising a ritual, calling poetry, flying the people around or bringing in a sparkling show- at any kind of event, is among my delights and what I offer. I use the skills developed with the previous disciplines to create a doorstep towards other perspectives.