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SQUEEZING – a Revolutionary Technique of Massage

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Squeezing is a revolutionary technique of massage to release the body, cultivate kindness and arise happiness.


  • Squeezing is a simple and accessible technique.
    EVERYONE- Everyone is able to give/ receive it.
    EVERYWHERE- It can be done everywhere and mostly in a standing posture.
    ANYTIME- It can take any length of time.
    EVERY MOOD- You can activate the system or calm it down.
  • The world needs a gentle touch.
    Everyone has the power to develop their aptitude to give their best (touch) and intuition.
    Everyone can cope with a genuine intention, renewing the sens of touch in modern society.
    Everyone needs to receive attention from their peer.
  • Both giving and receiving optimise vital energy.
    We are social beings in need of connection, recognition and affection.
    We have many ways of developing interpersonal skills, squeezing is one of them.
    Doing a good action secrets endorphins that embody happiness.

Every cell of our bodies has its own system of Happiness and of Existence. A touch activates our senses and the overall sensation/perception gives a release to the mind, getting within the layers of the body, from the epidermis to the bones, creating an overall better place within to shine out.


Born in the modern society of over stimulation, SQUEEZING technique is a return to the essence of presence. Through the breathing and the warm of two hands, it is an act of extensive heart, salutary for both the giver and the receiver.
When I asked someone to squeeze me, I could feel their insecurities on how the touch can be intrepratated, maladresses in the position, the degree of pressure and the way to handle an act of healing.

Developped with a bunch of passionated people to share the virtues of humanities, the stories of squeezing have made incredible experiences in the most unsuspected places. You can do it anywhere!

Completed with professional osteopaths, masseurs and movement renewed investigators, the squeezing is today an accessible tool to implement in any context: professional environment, in well being sector, with friends and any progressive frame aiming at self improvement.


Why do I Yoga? – Practice Benefits & Pathways

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Crédit Cyril Le Gazoui for Yoga Paris Project

Body Mind and Spirit go together, “the holy trinity”. Here a few points on physiological benefits of Yoga and my experience on “where it can take you”.

You might tell, “Yoga is not for me”  or “I’m not flexible enough”. Perfect. You are where you are and more than welcome to experience the holistic benefits of Yoga and related practices. It is not about the posture you reach, it is all about the feeling you get, when the practice takes you to undiscovered spaces of your body-mind-spirit, to improve all in once and progressively your living condition. There are as many styles of yoga as branches and teachers, there is no doubt one fits your moment. Embrace the experience, give it a try.

▲▲▲   The body is the vehicle of our soul and where resides our spirit. Cultivate the temple is an invitation to remain healthy and bright. Concretely speaking, practicing yoga asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) has direct benefits on your body: it strengthens it (activation vs contraction) and makes it more flexible (bamboo resilience attitude), releasing the tensions (into extension) and gives you vitality and energy.
Like any virtues circle, the more you give it, the best you feel it and the more it gives you back. When the body is worked out, internal organs are massaged and the focus of your practice distract your mind of its anxieties, resulting in a improvement of the immunological system. In a state of happiness, the hormones secreted fight easier any illness.

If you wanna bring it to an objective of almost every women, it makes you loose weight, not only directly by the amount of calories burnt during the exercise, but continuing the image of a virtuous circle, it encourages you to take care of yourself further. Feeling fulfilled is a premise to the willing of healthy meals. Yoga brings you to develop the best of your constitution and connects you to your real needs, avoiding little by little compulsory behaviour towards the food.
Yoga is also about observation of your being and by understanding the pulsatory mechanisms generated within the body, you are able to understand your reactions, a first step being acknowledging them. There you can initiate the work towards acceptance instead of struggle and finally coping with your inner rhythm. Basically, with a regular practice, you optimise the functions of your body, more alert and attentive to your well being.

▲▲▲   Engaging with your body is usually a more concrete target to begin with in order to get to the mind. The spirit follows.
Cultivate your being by proposing yourself rituals. Any practice, as they all target at the end the re-connection to the essence. Practices are diluted in the thousands, but the real fragrance is one and is connected to this higher thing beyond all, or anything else you wanna consider divine and holly.
Paying attention to details and keeping a clear mind on the big picture. Developing this aptitude of distancing from the feelings: they are just a projection of your true self. From local to global, from the moment to eternity, from inside out, from out back in, contradictions and extremities aim at taking you closer to the right amount, the Balance.

A wide angle out of the beaten tracks and boundaries keeps your mind genuine. Do anything you like, but do it… Cultivate an optimal state of curiosity in order to get motivate by your learning process. Again, the hormones of happiness prevail for your physical condition, and your psychological equilibrium, vice versa.
Through yoga you learn a lot on the mental, by observing what is happening inside. Then serenity can prevail and you get able to handle any situation, because you know how to breath. Release, surrender and let go. In a pro-active way of course, the idea beyond not being to annihilate your entrepreneurship and considering everything as a hazardous fruit of destiny.- more of a subtle balance between projections, dreams, visualisations and grounding: presence, action.

▲▲▲   A new experience is always a new sensation to be integrated to your range of perception. You judge only after trying, take conclusions once completed, you go for it or you leave it, make your path clean and firm. Take the time of the experimentation, there is nothing like getting quicker than the time itself. Every process requires its time line, to vibrate with the frequency of life.
Grounding in presence in the present is the only real experience of the moment, is the unique and only one which exists at this precise instant, become present always more often, not from an analytical observation, but just doing it fully-“with all your soul”.
This has a drastic effect on reaching other levels of consciousness, a way of gaining inner peace.

We constantly get disconnected by all ongoing distraction, but those obstacles are nothing if the light is activate within, and meditation keeps the flame alive. Many spiritual practices are the development of intuition in a structure, a pathway to connect with the elements, the surrounding and all above. There is a state when what you do is easy, smooth and effortless, because you experience lies in connivences with the occurrences, going with the flow, with the rest, in synchronicity with the Universe.


Tribute to Yoga in all its forms I experienced, in all the Teachers I met and in all the meaning it has in my Life.


On travelling in India – how you will never be the same again

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Between mystical fascination & pragmatism,
Dare to explore the motherland and yourself at once.

India lets no one indifferent. You raise in Love or you fall in the distance, with no return point. Beside the appreciation of the trip, India might change you forever. It is a mess, and for the foreigner’s eyes, no doubts, it is chaotic, dirty, spicy, devoted, somehow incommode- but also meaningful, vibrant and alive. Intense in all dimensions at the same time. This is what makes it so special.
Reality is a distortion in itself, and we interpret rather we “like“ it or not. A fact is a fact and human mind has the capacity to build up critical thinking, which determines the quality of the experience.
Our mind is powerful and judgmental. India is a release of the mind, to connect with a deeper space, another state of consciousness.

India is a good place to create a new disposition to experience reality, to embrace Life and further of a qualitative experience, it connects you with your soul. How to optimise the India experience?


Before I properly stepped on the sub-continent, at the checking in London airport, I remember getting down the stairs to the gate, and facing India already: women in saris, lots of kids, mostly upper class people as they were travelling but still, one facet of India, releasing spicy perfumes and bright colours, an oriental landscape as I could imagine it.
Once I landed, for the first time in the dense city of Madras, also known as Chennai (name after British colonisation recovered), the city was built in a jungle and little altars were growing like mushrooms in a wet tropical forest. I would bound to Ganesh and make a little offering, while I was receiving my first jasmin collar to tight in the hair. On the collapsed streets, Life was crawling.
Maybe a European mind can’t get the sense of all the agitation, straight away, but very quickly, it becomes natural, as an accelerated process of evolution in a country of 1,21 billion inhabitants. It is a perfect description of what is “order within chaos, and chaos within order”, a metaphor for the nature of things to follow the path I believe.

Among the other little things that surprised me in the motherland, when I landed for the first time.

Yes, No, Maybe… don’t panic Babe!

This slight inclination of the head towards the side is a sign for YES always even when it is NO, so the answer is to take it as a MAYBE. This way is the safe way 🙂

Uniqueness & loneliness
People are everywhere at every time, there is no chance of being alone anywhere. No matter how far you go, how quick you go, it is unbelievable that in the middle of a field, napping on top of a haystack, a head will suddenly appear just looking at you or asking “where you go Ma’ame?”, even if the answer doesn’t preoccupy them, it’s just for the sake of it.

Poverty discrepancies
Yes, they are very poor areas, many ghettos around each bigger metropolis, and lots of handicapped people, but besides the beggars you meet everywhere in every country, travelling in the land doesn’t feel it unsustainable to me, as in our European cities we have equal injustice between middle and upper classes and disadvantaged people, totally excluded of the society.
There the ghetto is a mad organisation, I visited Haridwar in Mumbai, and it was mind-blowing, no one starves, everyone complete a function in this marginal area generating so much cash by dealing with the leftover functions the government wouldn’t assume (recycling brass, copper, plastic), producing textile, and so on and so fourth. You would even find improvised cinema projecting Indian best Bollywoods!
Maybe like in communistic times, the fact that there is misery is less perceptible because it is spread in the mass..?

◇ Pollution
Plastic is all over, and I miss the authoritarian politics of Rwanda which banned plastic bags from the country. Some policies are tried out by governments, signals like “don’t let your trash” is hanged aside the one “don’t split here” (another shocking Indian costume by the way). In Varanasi students organised to wash the Ganga borders and the city really benefits from this fresh initiative, but lack of care for waste is a tragic constatation yet.
Every year, when I get there, I first feel disappointed, and then it becomes an unacceptable acceptance, part of the surroundings.

◇ Traffic
In the North of the country, the volume of horn is higher than in the South, which is louder than our average regulative systems on cars and bikes in Europe. My worst souvenir in Rishikesh is being blocked by a cow sitting on the bridge, with a line of motorbikes horning as often and as loud they could as if they were screaming to death “I horn and I exist”, I felt so agressive that I could throw them directly back to Mama Ganga river! But again, the Yoga begins when you can turn internally to balance the outer world and that is a kind of harmonisation exercise to undertake in cities there.

Also how many times could you have died in the rickshaw, or tuck tuck, this little cabs so emblematic of India. Traffic is always overcrowded. You don’t drive by rules, you drive by instinct. Pretty impressive, but trust and you will be safe, that’s the kind of bet.

◇ About travelling alone as a lady.
If you take care of yourself, it is not more dangerous than any other place where a woman travels alone. You can immerse yourself in dense cities, visit local villages or bubbles of a different way of life. Indian women dress with saris letting appear their belly but neither the shoulders, nor the knees. Being a smart lady traveller is imitating the locals. Sometimes I would put a shawl or any scarf to pass more anonymous, among the crowd.
In Goa, I would recommend not to top less bath, but that sounds like an evidence of cultural respect, nonetheless in the name of freedom many visitor women can appear slightly provocative. Goa is not representative of India, but it is a place with less protocol and more freedom, possible just because it is a “western nest within India”.

Common sense revisited.
There is nothing you can take for granted.
In Tiruvanmalai, I wanted to go to this exhibition, that the rickshaw driver never heard of before, but I thought my indications would guide us straight away there as described on the internet link I found. As he was assertively telling me “yes ma’ame”. Eventually we reached the place in two hours time when it was 10 km drive maybe… I lost patience many times until I laugh on the stupid or better said un-necessary worry it is to my structured mind of expectations and the derision of the shit-uation. Yes, we just can relativize our priorities, beliefs and way of being…

Moral: Anything can be done in India, one way or the other- straight or complicated, but overall really anything- so you better get ready for anything to happen.



What is there so special and attractive then? India opens the empty space within, unlocking the reluctances. Anyone can get a lifetime experience by an immersion in the holy land.

People do have time and are generally friendly.
Imagine a world where most of the Western people live a happy shanti (peaceful) life. They made up their money beforehand and travel backpack style, sometimes in quest of yoga, or developing artistic projects. Sometimes you can distinguish lost wandering souls diluted in their travels, but most of the time they will be anchored to this life and an add on to your trip. All depends how you meet.
Any coffee place is an opportunity to engage a conversation. When I sip my coffee after the practice in the Dreamland café in Arambol, Goa, everyone is joining and connecting, it becomes eventually a handstand playground, other times a philosophical intimate space or just a good coffee on the go, but you easily stay.
Imagine stepping into the table’s conversation on a Parisian terrace, probably people would be frightened or felt disturbed.. In India the only rule is to flow with your inspiration. How grateful I am for daring to speak with those two ladies with whom my journeys continues here and there until now, Sea who is a super talented photographer and Lian, who wrote a book on Varanasi and is a public influencer in Brasil. Because they were talking yoga i jumped into the debate and we shared the first chocolate dosa of our taurus sisterhood!
Eventually, you become easily part of this Nomadic tribe and the travel goes on.

Flow means, the story follows the migration tracks…
According to the climate, you go to Goa between Novembre and March, the season is there. Then, people go to Auroville before June, when the monsoon (tropical rain season) starts or to Rishikesh after the winter refreshed this northern part of India, next to Himalaya mountain. You’ll also hear people are renewing their visas in Nepal or Sri Lanka, the closest destinations. Also, you might take your first trip to India and plan to go back on a certain date, many times it simply doesn’t happen, also India opens the doors of curiosity to the further East, like Bali, Andaman islands or Thailand or who know what will cross your path…
Travel requires savings, India is generally cheap, so travelling at reduced costs allows you a greater margin of unprevisbility. And you can avoid to plan too long in advance and follow your heartbeat if you want to embark on someone’s trail for a while. Ooooh, those blue trains, taking you 33, 48h or 75h to reach a destination! But they will be seeing “chai, chai, chai” (tea with spices and loads of sugar!).
And this is without talking about the food, the exotic fruits, the beautiful landscapes, the incredible history, all the mythology around, the temples, the local communities…


Reality is made of the best and the worst. Which angle do you approach it with in general?
Optimistic natures have an asset to experience life, pessimists easier get lost. India is an opportunity to lever it all, a chance to change perspective on things and life, because it gets out of the confort zone and out of everything that conditions your mind.
Somehow, it is so different that with an adequate disposition, you can reset your mind.

◇ Develop super powers of resilience.
We assume things function a certain way, well, India will prove you the contrary.
If you face the administration and think your parcel will reach your home, because people at the post office are serious, you might be disappointed. One of my parcel never reached destination, the other arrived with half things missing.
Most of the time, it is efficient, but be prepared to other possibilities, your driver might take you the long ride, stopping to ask million times the way, to buy the tobacco he chews or to talk with some relatives on the way. And what is the most surprising is that the guy is really doing his best! He has good faith and is at your entire service, but he has another concept of the map (actually there is no maps there, only random ones for tourists) and of relationship.

Unlearn everything you think you know.
India is a space of experimentation. Here time has another quality, it is easier to take time for the simple things. Geographical distances have another space reference. Smiles open doors of compassion with the entire Existence. Frustration or exasperation is part of the joyful path. Relativity is a key process to fulfilment, alike meditation.

Learn on the power of contemplation.
India pacified my Heart. At my first travel, I could feel the power of Contemplation, this state of becoming an observer of the feelings, non-judgmental and in the flow. It was a release to contrast and relate with all I was taught throughout my education.
In Varanasi, the holy city of Moksha (ultimate liberation after death, with no reincarnation), death (burial of the bodies) and life (with everyday’s routines) merge at the border go Ganga river into a spiritual quest. The sacred (of Human beliefs) and the shit (of the cows) reside at the exact same place. Both an answer, a release and a question mark.


          India is about embracing Life with an attitude: the Path of Faith. India is all the range of possibilities, according to one’s perception as the opposite poles of Life itself, a drastic antagonism, where everything and its contrary can coexist, transforming the perception of my beliefs. 

Part of the experience lies in the ability of adaptation, overcoming cultural shock and shifting the mind’s perceptions. The opportunity lies in amplifying resilience, finding new ways of behaving, learning new codes to communicate and acceptance. A journey on the road that switch existence to another mode of being.

Mehdi&Ola-116 copy


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Mehdi&Ola-116 copy


January 10th/15th 2017, Forgotten Land, Arambol Beach, Goa, India.

A week where 60 participants from all over the globe met to transcend their realities, no requisits, just the willing of exploration gather this folk out of the beaten fields.
Workshops of CI, authentic movement, tribal shake dancing, kirtan (devotional singing), tribal vocals, rap and freedom of expression along the night.

One step after the other, the walk engages with the space.
Physicality is the base. Investigation the motto. Gravity lines moves my body slowly towards desequilibrium, I sustain before I crash and rise again, until an alteration of the mind succeeds, resulting in an act of pure Presence.

The spacing, community and relation.

I meet one eye, another, dislocated arms, legs and cores in motion. Imagination is my tool for re-designing the space, and the movement becomes a dance. The spirits meet each others on the field of the exploration.

Playful and sensitive, from the skins to the muscles, to the layer of the bones, it takes my insights. Smooth and flow, shaky and  linear, the inner rhythm changes, the music helps sometimes and the energy vibrates around.

Lying bodies on the ground, flying souls in the air.

Ecstatic dance has only basic rules:
–   everyone is barefoot.

  • there is no verbal talking in the studio.
  • there is music or not.
  • contact is welcome but not a requisit.
  • dance, dance, dance, listen, interact, be & let go – or die.

Everything is allowed- freedom to be.

“After years of learning dancing, I discovered ecstatic dance is the way I wanna dance”, said a participant.

A state of grace, another state of burlesque, seekers of their Authenticity express themselves through the movement. Respectful thanks to a common language. You are at the right place. Safe, nothing can happen but everything is allowed. The mind lets place to the benefit of abstraction and the sensations arise. Recovering the essence and truthfulness in the vague horizon of the shapes.

The ultimate bliss.
We are free in this moment. Innocent like children when improvisation takes you to fight without pain, make love with no touch, be your clown. Like in Plenitude, there is no time, no limits without decency. It is easier to dance with the mouth slightly open- that is a sign of full relaxation, maximal  receptivity. It looks dum, but graceful, in the melting pot of the contradictions. Life itself.

Clou du spectacle, tombé du rideau– at the end of the session, there is no difference between the observer and the do-er, nonetheless, everyone turns into himself again. Openness, cycles, light-ness, gratitude, getting rid of the mask.
We are one step closer to ourselves.


Ola Jas para Entrevista BicoMag

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Hemos estado con Ola Jas, la protagonista de nuestra entrevista. Además de ser una instructora de Acroyoga con gran talento podemos confirmar que es una chica guapísima y que desprende energía positiva por todos los poros de su piel.

1 Cuentanos Ola, ¿qué es el Acroyoga? en los últimos  años hemos oído hablar mucho del Yoga pero la palabra Acroyoga es nueva para nosotros.  ¿Tienen mucho en común estas dos disciplinas?

El AcroYoga es una mezcla de las prácticas de Yoga– para conectar contigo mismo, de suave Acrobacia– para jugar con los demás y encontrar su equilibrio y de Masaje tailandés– para relajar el cuerpo al final.

Es una invitación a conectar con el niño interior, desde la sabiduría que nos aporta la interacción con los demás. Descubrir nuevas sensaciones,  sintiendo el beneficio de aprender de nuestro propio cuerpo, armonizando nuestra postura tanto en la tierra como en el aire. Se trata también de cambiar la perspectiva del punto de vista, para renovar su percepción de la Vida. El Yoga es introspectivo: uno conecta con su respiración y el movimiento para optimizar su energía. Además de las asanas (posturas físicas), el yoga es una filosofía de vida con éticas y preceptos permitiendo vivir más alineado, sano, en conexión cuerpo-mente-espíritu, para liberarse del sufrimiento como su objetivo último.

Creo que el Acroyoga permite experimentar nuestra integridad a través del juego. Permite también cultivar una cierta espiritualidad. Describo generalmente el Acroyoga como un paso adelante, una puesta en marcha, en la cual, uno aprende a relacionarse y a crear comunidad. Encontrar su papel como base, volador y/o cuidador que son los diferentes papeles que exploramos, vemos la correspondencia en las aptitudes sociales en la vida real. A veces  queremos sostener a alguien en su crecimiento, otras veces buscamos expandir nuestro proprio ser y debemos confiar en ser levantados por otros. También es esencial aprender a observar y a cuidar el espacio, para regenerarnos y ayudar al flujo de la vida misma desde la distancia y no necesariamente en el protagonismo. Metáforas que sirven para encontrar tu papel en cada etapa de la vida, en el mundo.

El hecho de que haya tantas posibilidades permite crear un espacio seguro para experimentar cosas nuevas, ganar confianza en si ti mismo y hacia el proprio entorno. El proceso es lúdico, físico, pero tan divertido que entrenamos para compartir y sonreír.

2 ¿Cómo empezaste a desarrollar esta disciplina?

Cuando volé por primera vez, perdí la noción del tiempo y del espacio, experimenté la plenitud

Me enamoré de la práctica y de un chico con el que empecé al mismo tiempo.  Practicamos juntos y después de algunas semanas ya, llevábamos la disciplina del Acroyoga a la creatividad, montando secuencias e historias que presentamos como espectáculos.

Mi amor por el Acroyoga fue simultáneamente un incentivo y una consecuencia de mi profundización en el yoga. Explorar. Crear. Afinar. Entender. Sentir. Vivirlo desde la esencia y la conexión. El Acroyoga se volvió una ventana abierta hacia mi autenticidad y mi forma de expresar mi búsqueda interior. También a nivel físico, fue cuando empecé a aceptarme como soy “si puedo hacer todo esto y sentir tanto, por qué me voy a preocupar de mi apariencia física”, pensaba. Y me liberé, aceptando mejor y proyectando hacia afuera el Amor que me llena. Siempre gracias a esta herramienta.

3 ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta del Acroyoga?¿que sientes cuando lo practicas?

Me encanta la idea de romper lo que presupone la realidad: caer por el peso de la gravedad y mantener los pies en la tierra. Yo tengo también alas para volar! A medida que vuelo, me enraizo. Es una manera para mí de transcender la dualidad y abrazar las posibilidades de la imaginación para existir plenamente. Cuando hago volar a otras personas, especialmente por primera vez, es una sensación tan nueva, que les conecta a un estado de presencia sin precedente! Qué alegría ver la metamorfosis en sus caras, y lo creo: todos somos vulnerables delante de lo desconocido, y todos tenemos una fuerza inconmensurable de resistencia y de encontrar nuestro potencial a expandir. Y la sonrisa se dibuja iluminando un estado de bienestar incondicional en el Ahora.

4 ¿Todo el mundo puede practicar Acroyoga?¿se necesita ser especialmente deportista?

El Acroyoga es accesible absolutamente a todos. Cada cuerpo es un nuevo mundo a volar, cada mente un universo a explorar. Se genera una inercia que sobrepasa la necesidad de fuerza, una sinergia que se apoya en la técnica y la presencia. Los huesos son nuestra estructura para elevar una bioconstrucción, armoniosa tanto para el BASE (el que levanta) como para el  VOLADOR (el que es levantado). Trabajamos sin esfuerzo, desde la disposición y el placer. La condición física ayuda, pero la exploramos a cada paso. Si una persona no es nada flexible, se le dará un soporte para ayudar y fomentar las bases de fuerza y flexibilidad que ayudan conjuntamente en la Vida.

5 Hemos notado que se realiza en pareja,¿tiene que ser hombre y mujer?, necesitas tener un partner fijo?

En la acrobacia pura, las figuras son más complejas y requieren una especialización de base o volador. En Acroyoga es posible ser base y volador a la vez. Es más fácil empezar con una pareja de  peso similar para alternar los papeles. Luego hasta 20 kg por encima de tu peso , suele ser posible de compensar. La técnica permite utilizar la integración de los huesos más que los músculos, que consolidan la estructura pero no levantan: el secreto es que no hay una fuerza de carga. Más bien se trata de encontrar la alineación de los huesos, descargando el peso hacia el suelo. Como si el base fuera un intermediario entre el aire y la gravedad.

6 ¿Cuáles son los eventos internacionales que aconsejas no perderse y por qué?

Hay varias escuelas ahora, cada una tiene su encanto por algo. Se pueden encontrar inmersiones, formaciones e inspiraciones para conectar con el mundo acroyógico: 

También se puede aprender mucho en los festivales de acrobacia, que suelen integrar un playground acroyógico. Muy buen ambiente asegurado! Por ejemplo los dos que siguen: 

el primero en Holanda

el segundo en Israel

También recomiendo conectar directamente con los profes que inspiran y proponen retiros, el formato que elegí yo para compartir la práctica en Ibiza lo encontráis a continuación:


Unlike the Buddha, I survived Vipassana

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Unlike Buddha, I survived to Vipassana

An insight week by Ola Jas

It was maybe clear for you who know something about me, that “I am not the Buddha”. Nonetheless every time the bell would ring at the Vipassana, I directed myself with the greatest dedication to the Meditation hall, entirely disposed to follow the instructions and see what happens.
My head felt really connected to my Heart, but the overall sensation was a wavy infinite ocean of feelings (and overwhelming experiences) covering this sacred space of Eternity that the Buddhist refers to as the Void (emptiness).
Beforehand, I thought I would either die or get enlightened – a life changing experience, as those who already did it told me. There is not much I want to change to my current way of living. And regarding my way of being, I believe I can handle a lot and that I practice well, the art of balance between the power of Manifestation and Surrender. I live the Now with captivating projects and raising ever closer to my ideals, accepting always better my vulnerability and weaknesses, to heal with them and blossom beyond expectations, just as a natural flow of Life itself.
Nonetheless, the path is bright and there is always something to learn on the body-mind-spirit Equilibrium. I stepped the door.
Yet there is something about this experience that I was apprehensive about: if I have lots of occupations to fulfil myself in the world, how would it feel to stay still and without outer interactions for that long?  Would I still have a purpose to be? Also, would it reveal some hidden darkness maybe?
And on the other way, could it empower my psychic powers, help me slow down and even avoid compulsive eating that happens to me sometimes? Could I become any happier and more centered after this?
Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to cultivate silence over the 7 days. “Important things pass out of words”, already told me the little prince. But how uncomfortable it was to sit for half an hour, 8 times a day! Limit the movement is the greatest pain it took me on the journey of Mindfulness.
I never craved for any sensual pleasure, nor eating (ok, once I dreamt of cashew nuts, but not even a thought for chocolate!) nor erotic desires! Nothing to be proud about, but it is an extraordinary sensation, to realize afterwards that I could handle even more than I thought and that I am actually even stronger and more resilient than I could wish.
In there, the frame is set up to help this process, unlike in our over-stimulating society. Basic shelter, basic food, and a nutritive schedule are provided, so that there is absolutely nothing we have to worry about in the material world. All our focus can be dedicated to the insight.
More than 70 individuals enrolled for this experience. There must be some common quest in the wide range of humanity to guide so different folks to gather in a monastery.

Mindfulness is a “mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique”.
DHAMMA: An abundant literature exists on the topic. The rest and most of it is practice. In the Dhamma (or Dharma in Sanskrit, meaning the teaching of the Buddha) course I followed, the purpose is to sit, observe the inner world, become empty (of thoughts) and finally as a result (and not as an aim!) merge with the entire Universe, in Oneness.
ANAPANASATI: If enlightenment is a consecration of the practice, you don’t need to reach it to empower yourself out of the experience of vipassana. The first step is already something. It simply consists in paying attention to breathing.
Is there something more essential than BREATHING in our lives? This vital mechanism is at stake in all activities which calm down our minds, as it benefits our capacity to concentrate, to purify and to free ourselves from conditioning, to cope with our nature and be less submerged by external influences.
DUKKA & ILLUSION: Our purpose according to Buddhism is to live without disturbances, liberate oneself of the Dukkha (suffering) and experiencing the bliss out of the illusion.
This can happen when we see the true nature of things, as they are, not willing to give a meaning or a subjective qualification to any natural phenomenon, would it be a sunset, a flower or someone’s action. It engages a work on Acceptance and the assumption that each being is a tiny little lost particle, interrelated to all others, in front of Existence, Death, and the journey itself.
EGO & IDENTITY: We fall in the trap of identity, thinking “this is me”, as this belief takes the mind to escape boredom, in a constant seek of excitement and pleasure. We end up labelling and confining our range of motion to fit a case or another. Wake up: we are limitless! 🙂
The Ego is empowered by the mind which puts concepts and ideas on things that as a matter of Buddhism faith, just are, with no room for interpretation. The true nature has no meaning, like the sunset, or an animal eating to maintain his body, not in sake of taste, whereas humans attach emotional or aesthetic significations to the sun setting down or will choose to eat a deliciously-for-the-mind-taste pizza instead of a simple raw-veg-organism-nutritiously satisfying portion of food.

The tradition of Vipassana has been brought up to date in the 50s, and is sustained on a donation base since then. It gives credibility to those people sharing their beliefs and cultivating their faith, in name of a life dedication, with expectations of nothing else.
Perception and memory create our experience of reality, in a process of recognition. At the moment we recognize things with the senses, we messed it up, by letting room for interpretation… To remain empty would mean to avoid the disruption of the mind.
Meditation is a break-habits to the 5 identified states of mind that impeach consciousness to arise and see things clearly. Concentration is the remedy to overcome those resistances of the mind, (most of the time unconscious) patterns which influence our behaviors.
The perception, the feelings, the thoughts, the consciousness and our body takes us away of the real.
-wandering: too much ideas and thoughts coming on the blank screen of our pure mind. -Stay focused!
-dull and drowsy: one can be intelligent, but lack of clarity overall, and it is easy to find comfort and sustain ignorance. – Become Wiser!
-doubting: insecurity on more or less established beliefs that take you out of objectivity. – Remain certain of nothing!
-sensual: the sake of pleasure of the senses. – Be satisfied with nothing!
-negative: worrying associated with eternal complaints. – Positive vibrations, please!
ANAPANASATI: It means focus on Breathing. Every long and dedicated breath causes a change in the body. And when a clear channel of interconnectedness appears between the body and breath, the mind has finally a space to surrender.
The state of illumination, aka Nirvana, can happen in two phases, a sense-still one and a total withdraw of the senses. Enlightenment takes probably a life time, “piti” is a most accessible experience of a few seconds of deep concentration lifting you somewhere else.

DAY 1: Orientative mood, discovery of the rules, everything is new and curiosity is satisfied.
DAY 2: Concentration on the actual duty of meditation, super talkative mind, restless attempt and acknowledgment that the mind wanders. Cynical state of questioning, where am I of this journey?
DAY 3: Anger, frustration, the more I try, the less I get- until Surrender. Then the work happens finally. Release and Trust again.
DAY 4: Integration of the breathing into my routines, a little bit more of compassion towards myself, experimentation in a more personalized way, with slightly more freedom. I embodied the tool.
DAY 5: It is just what it is, and I am not what I believe I am, and I am also all what I am not. Voice to the Void. Flow of the things: process of release, both from the center and through the mediation: many doors to explore from no stimulus activation. All is already in the Present. But I get bored sometimes and also dream of freedom.
DAY 6: That’s it? How to make something out of the experience? Prospects of getting back to the illusion of “real life”. Transition times. Focus on savoring the moment.
DAY 7: Restless night, hard to contain excitement of getting back to business. Once down the jungle hill, I felt an explosion of serenity and a torrent of Gratitude unfolding over and within me.
And actually this scheme probably reveals a pattern of mine. I guess everyone got a pretty different process. In theory you can’t look at the eyes of anyone, so that everyone focuses on their own experience, but of course between the rule and the reality, magic happens, eyes cross and even light smiles appear. It was fascinating to finally hear the voice of those bodies that were moving the minimum movement during all the retreat and change perception about them or confirm images I projected on who they are.
Without totally wanting it, I created ideas on some people whose energy without a word would transmit me some information about themselves. Like one piece of art that is Humanity, we were different shapes conveying in the same space, revealing different features of characters.
Once done, I definitely feel more benefits than I could ever imagine while doing it. And where does it lead? It certainly depends on what continuation you give to this teaching in the “real illusion of life”.

When I got out, I thought I would be the first one to leave, but I was so enthusiastic about sharing thoughts about the experience, that I took the last car. My hands were slightly shaking out of gratefulness. I felt very entire. I had a wonderful conversation with the friend thanks to whom I entered there and with a random extremely inspiring filmmaker, at the Wilde Tribe café, the perfect vegan place to keep on saying the prayer before eating…
Focusing my energy and creativity in the monastic life has been an intense time. I now understand how I can benefit to the monks by telling my experience and I have a confirmation on how monks work for our salvation. We can definitely benefit one another while maintaining our position to the world. Interdependence exists on all that exists.
I personally gained lot of this week. I confirmed my conversations with Nature: I read omens in the stars and see poetry all around, I love the textures of the world, I hear the beat of my Heart, I adore the smell of a frangipani, I venerate the delicious taste of pumpkin. I am an enthusiast freak.
– I kind of found a place in inner/ outer worlds and refine my way constantly. The results come in a natural way, if I am dedicated to the present moment, concentrated on a task at a time and allowing the time it needs, with no rush and patience.
– I embrace the contradictions of this world with compassion (holding a detached space for the suffering), rather than judgment and empathy (letting the suffering hold me because of it).
– I know everything is a constant flow of change and take nothing for granted so that I stimulate myself to be a better version of myself. I will keep on making the best of any given circumstance.
– I celebrate my inner child and cultivate my innocence and instinct. Imagination and creativity are the tools/ resources of my growth and expression.
– Less is more and slow-mo the most!

A dear friend told me “the spiritual path initiates by the discovery of the questions we all wonder about within”. I am on the path, but I still wonder, is this voice in my head an ally or a disturbance? How to optimize my power of intuition through the “letting go” (surrender and letting things come instead of calling them to be)?
I can entertain myself at ease while alone, and in the first days I felt this connection to my bigger self, with so much colorful images, lifting my body in kind of an altered state of consciousness, a travel in the bright sight of imagination. Is that an escape, a diversion of my mind or the nature of things for me, that I need to assume and bring to the world? I embody all this: shapes of sacred geometry, sensations of flying out of space, out of time.
But I don’t feel the call for enlightment. I am at ease with my imperfections, and feelings. I love being in love, always remembering it can lead to cry. It is worth it and it is always for best. Are there other ways to get enlightened, than withdraw from the senses?
Sometimes, it happens to me that I feel at the right place, at the right time. Everything is tuned with the Universe to be. I call these moments: experience of Plentitude. I guess it is a state of full consciousness. And the more I experience these instants, the more I feel everything is alright, and I can access them easier the next time… How do you experience this feeling of being an integrative part of the wholeness?
I mostly feel free when I surrender to the Dance, to the movement, when I let my body speak for the soul. If we are channels for the illusion, let’s make the best out of this privileged posture. It actually means to me I can create the bubble within which I want to grow.
In the healthy living bubble, I can think of a few inspiring friends who meditate a lot. They fascinate me. How do you live your Mindfulness?

If you intend to do a Vipassana, here is a few things I can suggest to take into account.
– The location doesn’t really matter, wherever you get the call, go for it!
– Grab the minimal amount of things and especially clothing or beautification accessories, so that you don’t pass time adorning yourself.
– Take a stone, a necklace, something that is part of your ritual attention. I find for instance helpful to have a sandal wood to light from times to times in my everyday life and missed this grounding object. In a way, I believe building your altar helps to keep your beliefs and intentions up and can be useful to upgrade the spare time there.
– Beforehand take a day to answer all emails and messages on your mind, so that you are not disturbed by your “real” life and experiment the emptiness of this experience easier.
– Allow yourself to integrate the journey with no planning for a few days afterwards. It might be more or less easy to come back and letting space for time itself is a first lesson 😉
– Remember, the rules are the rules, and do the best of what you can do, but remind yourself in the most difficult times that you entered by choice and completing the stay is very satisfying afterwards. It is only 7 or 10 days of a lifetime and it is really worth to experiment the release and see how it feels. It always remains you choice, whether you enter, leave, complete, whatever you do there. Playing the game gives you the strength to overcome anything!

It has been a week time since I left the Vipassana temple and I kept my 15min meditation every day. I already did a lot, and felt very energized. Always digesting the experience. I consider this sacred silent  as a milestone of my common journey.
Buddha died at his meditation under the tree of Lumbini and reincarnated with no ego, he gave birth to a renewed version of himself, pure and innocent, enlightened. That might actually be his meaning of “reincarnation”, as there is a controversy on the translation from Pali language, and what it implies.
In less than a month time, for my 30th birthday, I will have accounted about 262.800 hours of life, and that is a limited number, even if we are limitless beings and eternal souls. There is maybe twice this amount to live in me (or not!) and I am decided to commit with Life.
I am going to use all tools at my reach to make the path smooth and bright. Humor helps and I believe a sense of self derision is needed to handle situations. Also mostly by the yoga, for the earth and the people, through Mindfulness at the extent I can reach. I also reaffirm, Love is our True Nature.

Find your vipassana all over the world,
And if you happen to be in Samui, this one is definitely the site:
Feeling blessed by the Gods & in Love with Life

L’interview Healthy de… Ola Jas, l’acro-yogini !

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« Healthy is The New Sexy » ! Avoir une bonne santé, se sentir bien dans son corps, s’accepter comme on est, c’est ce qui nous rend belle. Nous avons voulu connaître « le secret des gens healthy ». Rencontre avec… Ola Jas !

Chère Ola, présentez-vous en quelques mots !
J’aime explorer le mouvement, me connecter en pleine nature et observer les mécanismes psychosomatiques qui nous traversent tous, pour, à partir de l’universel, trouver la particularité pour “vivre mieux”. Je partage ma passion pour le Yoga, l’acroyoga, le massage, la danse, l’import, là où je suis, souvent entre l’Europe (Paris/ibiza) et l’Inde (Goa).

Je suis assez exigente envers moi même, parfois assez dure, jamais à la hauteur de mes idéaux, et à la fois, je relativise de temps à autres et j’apprends constamment à me choyer un peu plus.

Ces questions m’amusent car au final, je me rends compte que je connais les secrets de mon bien-être et ne peut que m’encourager à m’écouter davantage, et surtout à créer le temps et la place pour me faire du bien!

Quel est votre premier réflexe bien-être du matin ?
N’ayant pas de routine, il m’est difficile de répondre aux questions du tac au tac, néanmoins je crois qu’accorder du temps au rituel est un must pour trouver son ancrage.
J’ai troqué le café au saut du lit pour me prélasser et m’étirer en long, en large et en travers, comme une danse horizontale qui délit le corps endormi vers sa verticalité.

J’essaie d’y ajouter, au moins, quelques respirations conscientes, et au plus, une méditation au bois de santal. Eventuellement une eau citronnée, après les premiers pas. Et l’arôme du café seulement plus tard dans la journée !

Votre petit déjeuner idéal ?
Au petit dej, je suis fan de l’eau de coco et de sa chaire! J’apprécie un jus d’orange fraichement pressé si c’est la saison, un bol de muesli, du pain à la confiture, ou des tartelettes de riz à l’avocat et aux herbes avec un filet d’huile d’olive. Bref, ce qui m’inspire, selon l’endroit où je suis, c’est ceux avec qui je partage, les cycles de la nature et les circonstances.

A quoi ressemble votre routine quotidienne ?
Ma routine idéale est souvent prise de cours par la “vraie vie” de tous les jours.
En somme, mes journées sont composées des éléments suivants: levé avec le soleil en été, plus tard l’hiver, pratique perso, p’tit dej (genre brunch), retrouvailles avec des amis, brainstorming avec des personnes engagées sur des projets similaires aux miens, travail sur ordi pour promouvoir mes activités, temps de reflexion avec moi-même, recherche et projets perso, repas en fin d’aprem, ballade pour prendre l’air et déconnecter, cours à recevoir et à donner, me souvenir pourquoi j’entreprends tous ces projets (surtout si je me sens dépassée!).

Il s’agit de donner du sens à ma vie et prendre le temps pour tout ce qui m’importe, et m’organiser en fonction.

Et votre routine beauté ?
Mmmm ! alors j’hydrate régulièrement ma peau, avec de l’huile d’amande en Europe que je parfume d’huiles essentielles naturelles et huile de coco, pressée à froid en Inde. Ce rituel le soir est un instant massage lors duquel je remercie mon corps de m’accompagner dans cette recherche de bien-être.

Quels sports pratiquez-vous ?
Yoga Yoga Yoga ! Acro-Yoga, improviser une danse, un mouvement, jouer avec les circonstances pour toujours trouver un pas qui me préserve de la monotonie et cultiver mon imaginaire.

A quel rythme ?
Je pratique à un rythme journalier, quelque soit la discipline, je suis toujours en mouvement!

Qu’est-ce que cela vous procure ?
J’imagine que ça me provoque des endorphines, et je ressens toujours une sensation de bien-être et de satisfaction de m’être bougée. Quelque soit la discipline, pour moi ou avec d’autres, je chérie ces moments où je me sens utile, où j’ai une fonction dans le monde. Mon apprentissage consiste actuellement à valoriser aussi ces moments de vide, indispensables à l’équilibre, mais qui me paraissent bien moins naturels que l’hyperactivité

Votre rituel détente ?
Pour me détendre, j’aime regarder le ciel, l’horizon, trouver un brin de nature à ma porte. Me rappeler pourquoi je fais les choses, et si elles me stressent et je m’affirme: je décide de ce qui est valide et vaut la peine.

Un réflexe détox ?
Dans mon engouement général et ma disposition habituelle, mon principal réflex detox est de me déconnecter d’internet et prendre l’air pour faire le vide. J’aime écouter mon coeur battre aussi si je ne peux sortir, pour me ressourcer et me rapprocher de l’essentiel.

Un complément alimentaire ?
Pas de complement alimentaire particulier.
J’essaie de trouver tout ce dont j’ai besoin dans les produits frais et à ma portée. J’adore l’acai mais je préfère le consommer au Brésil plutôt que de remplacer les traditions françaises par des aliments exotiques si je suis à Paris par exemple. Consommer local (donc de saison!!!) et bio si possible, c’est mon réflex alimentaire !

Que buvez-vous à longueur de journée ?
L’eau de coco fraîche est sans conteste ma boisson favorite, et lorsque je suis ailleurs que dans les pays où poussent les noix de cocos, j’ajoute une essence de rose ou de fleur d’oranger à mon eau. J’aime aussi le thé blanc, vert et le rooibos.

Votre encas préféré ?
J’adore les encas, mais au risque de transformer ça en grignotage, j’évite… même si je suis gourmande par nature et goute volontiers à tout! Au choix, une banane sur le chemin peut caler facilement ma faim.

Votre craquage anti-déprime ?
Craquage anti-déprime !? Le chocolat ! A moins que j’ai quelqu’un dans les parages à qui demander un “squeezing”, une de mes techniques de massage revigorant, facile et efficace en moins de 10 min!

Un geste beauté auquel vous ne dérogez jamais ?
Mon geste beauté principal, le sourire! Le porter, le donner, l’esquisser, le partager, le provoquer, c’est comme une thérapie. Une fois que le bonheur me comble, pas besoin de penser à l’aspect en somme.

Et cote assiette? Trois exemples de repas équilibrés dans une journée ?
3 exemples de repas équilibrés?
Citron pressé dans son eau tiède, smoothie banane, lait de riz, spiruline, dates ou bien smoothie fruit rouge, lait d’avoine et graines de chia/lin.

Grains de sarrasins avec légumes dans une sauce curry ou bien patate douce, brocoli vapeurs avec sa sauce de tajine et citron.

Soupe miso ou soupe de légumes bien onctueuse, pain et fromage (je sais que ce n’est certainement pas le plus diététique, mais on parle d’équilibre, et je n’ai jamais été drastique pour tout vous dire!).

Votre plan taille fine ?
Seriously, aucun! Même si j’ai des phases d’incompréhension totale, où mon poids peut tourner à l’obsession. Je m’observe, avec des phases de gros appétit, d’autres où j’en ai moins, et j’apprends à me connaître, à comprendre ce qui me donne un bon appétit, équilibré.

Votre plan un lendemain de soirée (trop) arrosée ?
Pour me prémunir d’un lendemain de soirée trop arrosée, dès le retour, beaucoup beaucoup d’eau, dès la nuit!

Comment survivre aux premières raclettes de l’année ?
Je savoure ma raclette, entièrement, histoire qu’elle nourrisse ensuite mon souvenir, et qu’elle m’ôte la culpabilité d’une vie bien vécue, qu’elle soit l’exception qui me permette de réaffirmer mes règles et qu’elle soit le brin de vie qui me rattache au non-jugement des autres pour leur choix.

J’ai appris que la persuasion ne marche en rien et plus d’une fois je me suis surprise à croire en tout, puis en son contraire. Alors je marche là où mes croyances me mènent, décante les expériences, et m’ouvre au monde pour apprendre à vivre pleinement en présence à chaque choix.

Comment s’accorder une dose de bonheur chaque jour ?
Une dose de bonheur, c’est sentir la simplicité des choses vraies- la Nature en plénitude, me rappeler que les bonnes choses prennent du temps et que je vis avec passion là où me portent mes inspirations, et que je les partage avec ceux qui rendent mon rêve réel… Gratitude!

Merci Ola !

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