I practice Yoga to fit everywhere and to renew myself at every occasion- with a breath and dedication. Creation arises after repetition, when getting bored allows to transcend the doors of Authentic expression. This is where I find sense in my practice: keeping on until transcendance. Working out the aptitude of being Present makes things flow. There is no need for movement or stillness, everything is fine, permanence or motion, alike. Nonetheless, I find my purpose, the dharma, in engaging with Life.

Art is an open window to develop my imaginary, experience it all.
Lifestyle is what I live for, my individuality at the service of a higher purpose – Earth and the community, and how I let the surrounding sustain my path.
Cooperation is where I wish to engage, what I stand for. Ethics, values, projects which make me grow with others.


Urban Geometry

8 enero, 2017


Body Complicity

24 diciembre, 2016


Ibiza Wide Angle

24 diciembre, 2016


Benirras Sunset

24 diciembre, 2016


Parisian Poetry

8 enero, 2016



8 enero, 2016


Slow Motion

8 enero, 2016


Nature connection

8 enero, 2015